The best meat for Stews

16 Feb 2015

MAKE stews usually wears the beef. Various  resep nugget ayam enak parts of the cow can be used for cooking stews, but look for a more tasty meat section.
The beef was chosen because it has a high protein levels are good for the body. To get the tasty stews, seek out the texture of the beef is soft so it is very easy to cut when about to when consumed.
Can also find the veal which has fat content because the fat will melt eventually into the cooking liquid over the resulting gravy savory. Do not cut slender in size because the meat will make you hard to chew it, let alone the meat does not have a lot of fat levels. Usually there are connective tissue or collagen, commonly referred to as reported by Thekitchn, Thursday (10/4/2014)
This section will be cooked for longer though more resep es krim coklat lezat  palatable. When cooking stews but its flesh still looks rubbery, then we recommend that you cook it a little longer. Add 15 minutes more or until the meat is more tender.
Think also about the size of the meat for large or small will affect the cooking meat. You can put the meat has in because it has a texture that is tender.




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