Mud Cake Recipe Is Not Like The Land Of Mud

16 Feb 2015

This time we will give you the recipe to make resep garang asem kudus of mud. May hear the name alone you feel surprised because of the mud is definitely the word you think is dirty mud ground and disgusting. But instead his own mud cake has a soft and sweet taste tasty really.
Mud cake is a traditional cuisine that always we find in the market or roadside must in like a lot of people. In the traditional event, this snack is never absent complete dining served on the table. Their texture is soft, fragrant aroma and a sharp vanilla is the hallmark of this cake
You might wonder why this cake is called a mud cake. Allegedly, the inception of the mud on this cake because the texture is smooth and soft like mud. This form of resep tekwan palembang ncc  sludge produced from wheat flour dough and dditional potatoes are boiled then crushed until smooth.
It goes without length again, let’s glide into the kitchen. But before that, as always we must prepare the ingredients as usual.
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She is what material should be prepared:
250 grm potatoes that have been boiled and crushed until smooth
500 grm flour
250 grm margarine that has been thawed
850 ml coconut milk liquid
4 eggs chicken
tsp salt
250 grm granulated sugar
TSP vanilla
Young coconut meat
After all ingredients have been well prepared, next we will begin preparing all the ingredients into a mud cake is soft and delicious.
The process of making mud pies:
Prepare the container first, and then put the sugar, eggs and vanilla and beat until well blended for 10 minutes.
Input the potatoes then stir again with the dough above.
If it feels all the ingredients well blended then pour the flour little by little into the dough while continuing to stir until blended.
Next pour the liquid, salt, coconut milk and margarine that has been thawed before then stir again until blended.
After the dough has been stirred, selanjunya heat cetakkan margarine smeared with mud cake.
If the heat have cookie cutter then pour batter in the molds and cook for 1-2 minutes.
After waiting until half-cooked dough, then add the coconut and raisins on a mud cookie dough, then cook it again for 2-3 minutes, let stand until cooked and shaped solid.
After certain mature and then serve.
When you want the texture of the cake softer mud could use a strainer of food before being incorporated into the cake mold. To own a hard copy can also use cup cake molds cake and baked with the same time duration.
This recipe makes a soft mud cake and of course delicious. Both served in official events as well as family snack.




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